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  July 15, 2019

Competition Calendar 2019/20

The competition calendar for the 2019/20 season is now available for download below.

The interactive calendar on this website will be updated over the comming weeks to include the competitions listed within the document below.



Due to some licensing issues, a competition that we are targeting as a club in Bristol has been moved forwards two weeks in December. This has had implications on the rest of the competition calendar to make it relevant and specific to certain squads.

The changes can be seen on the attached document. We have acted as quickly as possible on this to provide you with up to date information.

We will now be racing in Birmingham at the end of October and in Nuneaton for JD/JP/Competition squads on 21st and 22nd December. This gives our younger and competition squads the opportunity to race a month after Hereford Open, potentially get race practice in before counties if they have qualified or to be able to implement training improvements in a race environment.

The Bristol meet will now be held on the weekend of 7th and 8th December.

Information regarding entries will be sent out in due course.