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  July 22, 2017

Changes for 2017/18 Season

The coaching team have been busy developing new and positive changes to the current squad structure and pathway, which will be implemented for the start of the 2017/18 season. This will initially be launched in Hereford, with alignment across the club following at a later date. The strategy behind the new structure is to maximize the use our pool space a lot more efficiently and to bring athletes through the performance pathway together, creating a positive squad environment and working towards similar goals.

Elite and AG will technically be no more, instead we will now have the 'Elite Squads', consisting of Senior Performance | Youth Performance | Age Group Performance. Initially, these squads will have the following characteristics:

  • Age Group Performance will mirror what the AG squad currently has.
  • Youth Performance will at this moment be for 13-15 years old to start with, with squad criteria becoming based around CAP (Commitment | Attitude | Potential), and
  • Senior Performance will have an individualised S&C program.


In terms of the existing club and masters squad, we are also restructuring and re-branding this to become the 'Competition Squads'. This new concept gives the athletes in this part of the programme independence of how many sessions they attend, but also the structure and coaching to continue to compete. Similar to the 'Elite Squads', there will be three 'Competition Squads':

  • Senior Competition
  • Youth Competition
  • Age Group Competition

For those who choose to attend 6 sessions a week, there will also be the opportunity to gain an individualised S&C program.

JP and JD will be exactly the same, but under the banner of 'Junior Squads'. There is also no change to the current Academy Squad.

We are going to be implementing these changes in time for the start of the 2017/18 season, after our two week shutdown (21st August).

These new changes will help build upon the positive training environments we have created and will cater to all swimmers involved within the club.

Training Fees

There will be a small increment in training fees, as we ensure the club remains on a positive financial footing. We will also be looking to normalise training fees across squads, so that there's a transparent and fair correlation between training hours and fees. These changes will apply from the start of the 2017/18 season, in line with the squad restructuring.

More Information

In the next couple of days further detailed will be shared on the training times of the new squads and training fees. The coaches will also be discussing the changes with swimmers and informing them of any changes. We are also scheduling a series of parent and swimmer meetings for the first week back after the summer shutdown, so please keep an eye on the website and Facebook for further information.


We firmly believe that these changes will have a very positive impact for the whole club and look forward to seeing the benefits in and out of the pool for all.


Mikey Hire - Head Coach

James Cockroft - Chairman